Oh, would you look at that! A weary traveler from the vast interwebs has arrived on this land of mine.  Lest you grow bored and leave, I'll introduce myself real quick. 

My name is Jay. I grew up in the Metro-Detroit suburbs and recently moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in July 2017. Despite being born in Missouri, I don't consider myself as coming "from there." At the ripe old age of 1, long before any concrete memories could form in my head, my parents brought me to Dearborn and I lived in the area until completing my undergraduate degree in architecture. My parents have worked for Ford since we moved here and, although not interested in cars themselves, accidentally started my lifelong obsession (much to their later dismay) by pointing out Mustangs and F-150s that passed by us on the road.  Aside from cars, I'll probably be posting a lot about other wheeled vehicles, music, art, building things, and my projects regarding these passions.  Or, you know, anything that rolls my way that holds any significance to me. 

Blogs have been a major source of information for me in recent years regarding DIY projects and the like and that's what inspired me to start one myself.  As I said before, this blog won't be focused on any one field of interest.  This will probably be a place where I feel like I'm telling everyone about my antics and discoveries but in reality, it's likely nobody will actually read this.  I'll act like I don't know that, though.  While I'm not expecting followers, I'm hoping someone with common interests will receive random tidbits of information by stumbling upon a post or two that will help them along their way, as was the case for many blogs that I have visited. 

I'd like to credit my friend Nikolai for giving this blog a clever name because naming things is not one of my strengths. 

Quick Facts:
  1. I have been a hardcore car guy since age 4.  
  2. Things with wheels and/or engines generally garner my interest. 
  3. Working with my hands and tinkering are big hobbies of mine.  The only reason something might escape my ubiquitous screwdriver is if I don't think I can get it back together. 
  4. I am most likely going to be wearing the brown corduroy jacket at any given time. 

Nothing here is set in stone.  What I say is fair game for debate and anyone should feel free to point out my mistakes via comment or email. This is not a real reference guide, but a place where I hope my personal experiences can possibly help other people or give them ideas.  If something I say is wrong, I would like to set it right so nobody is misguided.  My way is not the only way; I am still learning as we all are.  It is also not an intention of mine to advertise for the products and services that I mention, though I may refer to sources of reference that helped me greatly in hopes of pointing someone else in their desired direction.  My relationship with any product or service that I write about will be clearly stated.  

Do not hesitate to approach me about anything at electronegative-at-comcast-dot-net
Instagram: damson_jmonay

Images and Resource Usage:
If I do not cite an image or a piece of information, that means it is my own, ©2014-2018 J-turn.  You can use my stuff for non-commercial purposes, but please give credit where it's due and supply a link to this blog just as I will for the resources that I reference.  If you would like to use anything here for a commercial purpose, feel free to contact me.