Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cars For Fun

I'd been thinking about this combination for a while before I actually drew it, but here is the "Shits & Giggles" pair: a '27 Model T hot rod with a '53 Mercury Flathead V8 and a Meyers Manx with a '60s Ford 289 c.i. V8 dropped in place of the VW motor.  

Ideally, nobody should have velocity stacks (unfiltered, at that) on a dune buggy.  Bad things will happen.  I just stuck them on because I liked the look.  If I was to build this in real life, I'd probably install snorkels that followed\\ the roll bar upwards.  I put cherry bomb glasspack mufflers on it as well.

My printer cartridge wasn't functioning well (common with the kind of printer I have) when I printed out the copies so it looks like there are grease stains on the edge of the paper.  I wouldn't say it actually ruined the drawings, though; I'd even dare say that it sort of goes with the theme.  The Model T in the above version has the '53 Mercury 255 c.i. Flathead in its stock aqua green color.  It's supposed to be the focal point of the car since everything else is black.  I mean, who even paints an engine that color? Not only that, but that's how it came from the factory? Jeez Louise! For the buggy, I also left the 289 as its stock blue color.

The shading on both buggies was really hard to visualize and put on paper. I looked at my Hot wheels version but still couldn't get the lighting right so it looks really awkward.  In the version above, the T was done in a more traditional style with red wheels, a red engine block, chrome heads, and a wood steering wheel.  The three Stromberg 97 carbs are of course a classic touch as well.

On a related topic, the summer before I completed the drawing, I cut the big V8 engine out of a Hot wheels car I didn't really like (it came in a pack of 10) and dropped it into one of my Manx buggies.  It was a perfect fit and happens to have eight velocity stacks as well.  In real life, I think a 289 is smaller to scale than the one I put in the Hot wheels car but bigger than the one I drew.  There would be a complete loss of trunk space though, without a doubt.  I'm sure the bed would be useless for carrying beer anyway if someone was hopping across the sand at V8-induced speeds.