Monday, August 25, 2014

Last-minute Projects

Now that I'm finally at school but classes haven't started yet, I can finally make a few more posts.  So, near the end of the summer, with all the big projects done and out of the way, I started attacking a few of the smaller tasks that I'd been meaning to do.  I felt even more productive just by knocking a few of these out every day.  There are only a few that are worth posting about, though.

After I'd learned to sew by hand and with a machine in my art class last year, I decided to make a few cases for the things I had out of some denim and old t-shirt fabric I had.  First was my tape recorder, which I'll continue to use to record architecture studio reviews and stuff.  Next was my little red alarm clock which I'll be bringing on any sort of trips or vacations from now on so I figured a case would be nice.  I also made one for my ipod although I don't think I'll use it much at all, and lastly, my dad's old briefcase that I now use to hold drafting supplies.  The handle is plastic and getting old, so grease was seeping out and I wanted to make a sleeve for it.

The ipod sock turned out just a bit too tight, but it's no big loss.  I was originally going to sew a pocket to the front of the tape player case but when I had already closed it up, I realized it was too late so I just added a flap inside to prevent the cassette box from being dragged out by the player.  My mom helped sew the denim handle cover to the briefcase and I'm happy with it.

The last thing I did that day was finish this weird sock hat/bag thing that had been sitting unfinished for about four years.  I always used to keep my old, holey socks so I cut the midsections out of them which were still good.  I had already sewn most of it by hand, so I just added the bottom gray part with the sewing machine.  It was originally supposed to be a headphone bag but since I just use hats for that now, I don't know what this will be for. I'm sure I'll find a purpose for it.

Next: Duct tape wallet.  I'd been using and making these since 9th grade so I have a few old ones that I outgrew.  My previous one, the one with the orange band, was too thickly made so it never closed right.  On top of that, I just didn't like it.  Also, wallets are supposed to have an outer layer that is bigger than the inner layer so you can put dollar bills in the back, and I didn't do that successfully with the previous one.

On this new wallet, the dollar bill pocket was more successful.  I used the old leather one for measurements (I think I did that for the previous one too).  The biggest change was that I used aluminum tape on the surface because I heard some people can steal card information by simply scanning a wallet and putting foil inside can help.  I wasn't sure how many times this tape could be folded and unfolded before it split.  I guess when it does, I can just laminate it in clear packing tape.

Here's my lineage of duct tape wallets.  9th grade - ID on front, money in back.  10th and 11th grade - single fold, two clear pockets for school ID and drivers' licence.  12th grade to college 1st year - tri fold, single clear pocket.  And the new one.  I guess after some time, I'll just have to go to a regular leather one since these tend to get my cards all sticky.

EDIT 11-29-14: There's something quite important that I forgot to include in this post and it can be seen here.