Monday, July 20, 2015

Car Spotting in Ann Arbor

With all of the bike stuff that has been going on lately, it may no longer be apparent that I am first and foremost a car guy.  Well, I have had some of these photos rolling around in the "New folder" folder on my desktop and it's about time I share some of the cars that have caught my eye over the past few months.  All of these were taken with my cell phone so please excuse the poor quality. 

I also managed to stumble across a car show so be prepared for a long post!

1980-86 Ford F150 short bed, 4-speed manual

1973 Ford F-100 driven by an art student.  300 straight-6, 3 on the tree?

'85? Porsche 928 at the office

1972 Toyota Land Cruiser

1967 Plymouth Belvedere 4-door.  
I don't usually expect to see these project-status or "I'll fix it one day" cars in Ann Arbor. 

~2003 Mustang.  Not a Cobra.  Wonder what mods it has.  
Also, 2015 Mustang that caught the sun just right.  

I seriously thought this Ranger had wheels and axles from an F-250 until I asked the owner and he said they were just the hubcaps ... oops

392 Challenger.  Love the color.  

Lamborghini Gallardo owned by Vehicle Virgins
Chrome Blue Mercedes C63 AMG reviewed by Vehicle Virgins
Another 392 Challenger
Photo taken only at a red light, of course

Mazda RX-7. Now that's something I wouldn't expect to see here. Rotary power!
Owner said he has modified it to be better at the track and named off a few I can no longer recall. 

This 1965 F-100, still working hard to set up for the fair. 
The grille has been dented since I last saw it. The '87-91 model always seems to be parked nearby. 

The folks across the street have a nice Lincoln Mk IV, Chevy monster tow truck, and a '50s Caddy. I once saw a guy touching up an all-original '59 Buick and I had to have a look. 

I didn't know old Bugs came with front anti-roll bars. 

A pristine Toyota Hilux from the '80s.  
Generally regarded as the most indestructible vehicle ever and usually seen beat to death, rusted into swiss cheese, but still running.  

I wonder if the owners are friends.  

Toyota Sienna / Honda Odyssey look like different generations of the same vehicle. 

So, I was driving around town for work one day when I was suddenly greeted by the music of rumbling big-blocks and the aroma of un-catalyzed exhaust.  Surprised by this sudden wave of goodness, I asked the driver of an MG roadster at a stoplight what was going on.  Apparently, the Rolling Sculpture car show was in town and I didn't even know about it! I hit the show after I got off work, careful not to scratch any of the cars with my bike.

American Station Wagon Owners Association

Not a fan of plastic engine covers. Or any sort of plastic in the engine bay, for that matter. 
I do love me a '60 Ford though and this one has a 4.6 DOHC V8 swapped in.  

'64 Mercury wagon. Beautiful

Somebody kept saying "It's called REO Speedwagon just like the band!!" 
Debated whether to break it to him that this is where the band got their name. 
And this is pronounced Reo, not R.E.O. 

460-powered '70s Mercury Colony Park.  I want one of these. 
Yes, station wagons and sedans used to come with 7.5-liter V8s. 

1960 Edsel Ranger. Almost reminds me of a Valiant, in a way. 

Mid '30s Chrysler Imperial with a straight-8. 

I was so enamored with factory-color Mercury flathead that I forgot to take a picture of the rest of the car.  This Model T hot rod was apparently taken straight out of my mind.  I mean, at this point it doesn't even matter that I didn't take a photo! 

1968 Dodge Charger. 
I can't remember the last time I saw one of these '68-70 B-bodies in real life. 

'67 Ford F-250 Camper Special.  Stock 352 V8, 3-speed auto.  Loved this one

1960 Oldsmobile wagon with drag radials out back.  I wonder if this sees the race track. 

'69 Chevelle SS 396.  AMERICA!!!!!!!!

1951 Pontiac.  
A quick Google search tells me this belongs to Adam Woodham

1937 Ford Tudor sedan. 

'59 Lincoln Continental

'61? Desoto. 
I have to say car designs are too conservative these days.  They all look the same (yes, I just said that). Cars were so sharp-looking and interesting back in the day!

'56 Plymouth

1965 Jaguar Mk II 3.4.  
Not sure why, but ever since I received a die-cast model, I have really liked these.  I'd prefer a 3.8, or I'd swap it out for a more reliable six of some kind.  This was smaller in real life than I expected since the British always say these are such HUGE cars ... of course, I now realize they're only big when compared to non-American cars. 

1970 Buick GSX.  
When you think Buick, you don't think muscle, but these actually kicked some serious butt.  

1953 Hudson Hornet with a beautifully-detailed, original Twin H Power intake system. 
A NASCAR legend!

Early '50s Dodge truck.  
The tiny details like the words on the grille really get me. 

'69 Mustang with a Paxton Supercharged ... can't tell what's under there. 

'67 Mustang.  Again with the details.  
This horse was hand-painted and three-dimensional, too. 

1959 Buick Electra 225. So elegant. 

A small selection of the REALLY old cars.  

The sharper eyes (usually the kids) were intrigued by the strange driver controls. 

Couldn't get a good picture of this '54 Mercury.  
Grabber Blue 1970 Mustang Mach 1. This colors just pops in the sun. 

1960 Cadillac! 
Prettier than the more-popular '59 in my opinion. Dem fins. 

Hold on, they never made any Fuelie El Caminos in '59! Oh wait, it's LS-swapped.  

Kids: "Wait, I want to see the monster truck again!"

Two (reportedly) REAL GT-40s. 
The non-enthusiasts were stunned to know that these sleek machines were 50 years old.  
Even more so that they beat Ferrari at their own race for four years in a row.  

A (reportedly) REAL Shelby Cobra Daytona.  
Where'd they find this? I thought all of them were tucked away never to see the light of day again.  

I never get tired of seeing a '64 Galaxie.  One of my dream cars.  

Well, that took a while!