Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Front Fork Work and Degreasing: Restoration Day 2

After doing some research the night before, I became more familiar with how the fork was actually attached to the bike.  Removing it would make it so much easier to work on the separate parts.

The bearings on top of the head tube were still greased, but the bottom bearings were dry and slightly rusty.  Strange.  

The ball bearings were in remarkably good shape.  This leads me to think that the noise the fork made was due to the top bearing race being partially unscrewed, which I discovered yesterday.  

Small, rusty parts from the front of the bike went into vinegar to soak overnight.  I also threw the gear cable pulley in.  

One bolt holding the chain guard  clamp shut was rusted to its nut and no amount of WD-40 could un-freeze it.  I attacked it with the angle grinder and then punched it through.  

While the grinder was out, I took an aluminum bar I'd had for years and made a tire iron out of it.  On a separate note, the head badge cleaned up nicely but I found out it was mounted crooked ... 

Degreased the fork parts and the chain guard.  This is as far apart as I can get the frame.  It'll be a pain to work around the crank and possibly the kickstand.  

One wheel cleaned with WD-40 on the first day, the other still untouched

I don't think I can save the stamped lettering on here if I want to actually protect the hub from further rust.  

I dragged my feet yesterday since nobody was around to help me pass the time.  I was also planning to see if I could remove the kickstand with boiling water and continue buffing the headlight lens but that didn't happen.