Saturday, July 5, 2014

Independence Day Parade

The Fourth of July parade in Northville is usually not very long or flamboyant because our town is not very big.  That's not to say it's too boring to watch, though.  I like to go to see the classic cars pass by and sniff the un-catalyzed exhaust even though they're the same every year.  As a car guy, I've been deprived of car shows.  Also, I participated in the parade throughout high school in the marching band and currently, my younger sister is still in the band so that's the main reason why my family still goes.  The following photos contain some of the highlights, at least in my eyes.

'04 Mustang GT 40th anniversary.  I rarely see '94-04 GTs now - it's likely they've all either been trashed or kept in garages and seldom driven.  A few appeared today. The V6 cars are everywhere, though.  Next, the '87-91 Ford F-350 Pierce conversion fire truck, my favorite one in the Northville stable.  7.3 Powerstroke diesel, 5-speed manual transmission.  .  

Two beautiful American LaFrance fire trucks, both currently working for Northville.  

LaFrance truck again.  Unicyclists are always here but I've never seen that 3-wheeled one! ("3-wheeled unicycle" sounds strange)

A few old military Jeeps as usual.  I think the T-bird comes around every year, too.  

Model T, made somewhere between 1908-14 for all I can tell.  Next, Model T racer (sort of) from '23-27, appearing annually with a rough idle.  Not sure if timing issues or just a cam ... or both

Gorgeous '34 Ford sedan with a 5.0 small block.  The amazing exhaust note matches the appearance.  The owner drives this on the road to and from the parade every year, too.  Kudos to him for not wasting a good car.  

'29 Model A pickup and '32 Ford hot rod, possibly fiberglass

'30-31 Ford Model As.  The "Garage" one parks at the fancy, car-themed restaurant of the same name down the street.  I was in the high school jazz band when the restaurant opened and we got our picture taken with it.  Note the beautifully etched side wing glass.  

'28-29 Model A with a strange re-located fuel filler and "unleaded" sticker.  Then, another one of those rare GTs.  

'72 Cadillac Eldorado.  500 cubic inch V8, front wheel drive.  Mom asked if this was a production car and if people actually drove cars this big (she did not live in America at that time).  

'75-76 Cadillac, '58-60 Thunderbird.  These come almost every year.  

'66-67 Ford Fairlane with a 289 motor, mini version of '54 Ford.  Both are regulars here

'55 Ford Fairlane with 292 Y-block V8

'57 Dodge and '50 Ford come some years, not sure if every year

Penny-farthing rider and John Deere 1020

All non-tractor tow vehicles, except for one Chevy, were Ford pickups!  There were MANY.  

Never seen go carts here before.  On the other hand, this white beetle comes every year, usually appearing along with a black one and yellow one as tooth fairy cars.  This one still says "SWEET 2TH" or something on the plate.  


Handsome John Deere 420 and Fife and Drum Corps

'30 Model A and Victorian(?) dresses.  Victorian era stuff is pretty big in Northville

Monkees.  Dat shiny blower tho ... and dat '60s gold leaf lettering!

I find it annoying when people turn just any Cadillac wagon into a Ghost Busters car.  This one is a '65.  The real one is a '59 and I realize it's rare, but come on.  Also, Starsky and Hutch '74 Ford Gran Torino.  

'69 Charger, General Lee.  Had perhaps the best exhaust note all day.  Also, very old LaFrance fire truck.