Thursday, July 31, 2014

Paint: Restoration Days 11, 12, and 13

Boy, that came quickly.  In one moment I'm stripping paint and smoothing out rust spots which seemed like it would take forever and then all of a sudden, the paint is all done.  I guess it seemed this way because I was putting primer on some parts while still sanding others.  The only things left to do is to shine up the handlebar and headlight and then we'll see if I can get the whole bike back together again.

Outdoor spray booth version 2.0: I unhooked the swings from our old swing set and took advantage of the existing hooks.  Thank goodness we still have this, even though it's a hassle to mow around and I haven't played on it for years.  

Um, excuse me, what is this? Some of the paint wrinkled up a little when I applied the clear coat.  After it cured, I sanded it smoother and painted over the spots. Also, the new gear cable screw thing came in the mail.  Cool.  

Frame has been smoothed out as much as possible.  I'm assuming the old paint is strong enough to hold new layers; I wasn't repainting because it was weak, but rather because of all the rust pits where it was chipped off.  

I'm rather proud of my mask job, haha.  I do not have the proper tools, even a proper work table to get the cotters out of the crank.  I hung the frame from two hooks on the swing set with twine threaded through the seat bolt hole.  

I washed, primed, painted, and clear coated the frame all on day 13, each layer laid within one hour of the other based on the instructions.  The frame ended up being the most well-done and quickest paint job of all the parts.  Just as well, because it's the most important part.  

I laid on the white paint more than one hour after painting the fender, but less than 24.  I'm assuming that's what caused this paint to wrinkle up yet again.  If I had another few days, it would have been easy to do this properly but my dad is rushing me for no reason to finish this and I have one day left.  I scraped off the ruined white paint and respraying it made it look better, for the most part.  Not sure how long the paint will last.  

This is what car guys call a ten-foot paint job: It looks great when you see it from ten feet away, but you notice all of the imperfections once you get closer.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the thick edge of the white part.  I might clear coat it a little bit just to keep it from peeling from there.