Monday, July 21, 2014

Me Writing Upside Down

So, this is my handwriting.  I just figured this would be something funny to look at.  I got this idea from my sister because she showed me her results, which were obviously much more beautiful.

Click to enlarge

My handwriting has evolved through various stages of chicken scratch through the years. I remember back during kindergarten when Mom used to buy me those paper pad things with letters and I'd copy them across the row.  My row of A's got really small toward the middle and back to normal at the edge and it was really funny.  On the other hand, my sister's teachers have always told our parents that her handwriting was better than theirs.

My backwards or upside down writing is more legible, but that makes sense.  It's probably because I do it more deliberately.  Same with my word art and block letters and stuff because at that point it's more like drawing than writing.